Why Us


In 1998, HVTV was launched to communicate directly with Hawaii’s visitors—in their hotel rooms—about matters of immediate interest to them.

  • How best to spend their precious vacation time in Hawaii?
  • What to do?
  • Where to go?
  • What makes Hawaii unique and special?

In doing so, HVTV also provided a powerful media platform for hotels and advertisers to share their messages with visitors.




Current market research shows that a very large percentage of English and Japanese speaking visitors watch and are influenced by in-room TV programming that (1) orients them to Hawaii and (2) helps guide their time and money expenditures.

In short, feedback from visitors, hotel managers, advertising companies, and market research firms consistently shows that HVTV programming works. Its simple and relevance to visitor needs.

Here’s an example:

We ran a customer survey asking specific questions of both English and Japanese speaking customers. The results showed that HVTV was by far the number one producer of customers to our restaurant. HVTV produced more than two times the results of the visitor print magazines.

Leighton Mau, President of the Waikiki Business Plaza commercial building (18 stories, 7 shops, 2 restaurants) including the Top of Waikiki restaurant.




HVTV digital programming (currently in English and Japanese) runs on a continuous loop 24/7 so that advertising spots and other content are repeated at least 12 times per day every day.


Our “TV magazine format” is both conversational and engaging as stories and ad spots are integrated together, creating compelling and informative content.  Content is typically grouped in categories such as entertainment, dining, shopping, activities and attractions, and others…. The kinds of experiences that create lasting memories.


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