Benefits to Advertisers

Reaching advertisers’ target audience in their hotel rooms 24/7 on a repeated basis (continuous running loop of video content) and with award winning video messaging IS the benefit.

80% of English speaking visitors and 90% of Japanese speaking visitors watch—and are influenced by—in room visitor programming during their stay (Market Trends Pacific Research).

Market research and advertiser experience and ongoing endorsements validate this communication model—again and again.


Rates & Coverage

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Promotional Offers

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Market Summary

Hawaii’s visitor market is hot. All the metrics are excellent and showing marked increases over the last several years including:


Visitor arrivals
- 9.5% increase from 2011
- On track to exceed projected 7.9 million visitor arrivals in 2012


- Significant increases in past 12 months


Total visitor spending
- 19% increase from 2011
- On track to exceed projected $13.9 Billion in 2012


- Average daily spending rates are increasing significantly
- Hotel room rates are increasing significantly



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